Monday, June 30, 2008

While on the Road

I was out of town for a few days last week and over the weekend but that does not mean I have already invalidated my staycation cred. This was a trip for a wedding in Minnesota that had long been on the calendar. About a dollar less a gallon of gas long ago, I’d guess.

Anyway, a few notes and observations from the road:

In Iowa, they can take away your driver’s license if you fill up your tank and drive off from the pump without paying. They have stickers on the pumps attesting to this. My guess is that they could not have taken away my Illinois drivers license. But I paid for the gas anyway.

The Cathedral of St. Paul is a truly magnificent structure that defines the St. Paul, Minnesota skyline. Say what you want about Catholics, but the sure used to know how to build churches. (And no, the wedding was not held there.)

I came up with a great energy conservation idea: Don’t allow any out of state students into the universities and colleges of any given state. That way you won’t have a boy from Illinois meeting a girl from Minnesota at a university in Iowa and then falling in love and getting married in Minnesota causing dozens or hundreds of people to have to drive long distances to attend said wedding. Just an idea.

If you have a wedding reception in an auditorium with escalators actually in the room, it’s really cool to have the wedding party enter two-by-two down the escalator to Booker T. and the M.G.s Green Onions.

Why have hotels gotten away from having fans in the bathrooms? Aside from the problem of having your mirror all fogged up after a shower, there’s the, well, smell issue. They don’t even provide candles.

I was pointed to a nice microbrewery in St. Paul that was just two blocks from our hotel. Full, exciting details in this week’s Friday Beer Blogging!

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