Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'll Vote For The Guy With The Best Salad Bar

Aside from highlighting the endless stupidity of people like David Brooks, this also underlines my question about where have all the salad bars gone.

And, no I don't want to have salad at Applebees (or a beer) with any president.


nancy said...

As a rule, anything that requires a sneeze guard makes me nervous. I know... server cleanliness is dubious at best, but still. And seldom have I found a salad bar that featured anything other than iceberg with the occasional overrated romaine tossed in.

Dave said...


You must have missed the 1980s! That was the salad bar era of note. I rarely got sick from the great Wendy's or Golden Coral salad bars. So what say you about the most excellent all-you-can-eat experiences in town with sneeze guards? Stumped ya, right?

nancy said...

No buffets ever!!!! Ewwww. And yeah, I'm funny about potlucks too.