Friday, March 06, 2009

Let Me Tell You Again How Brilliant I Am

One year and one month ago today, I wrote this:
OK, I know we're all distracted by the strobe light of the primaries, but let’s take note of the fact that the recession we are all going to be living thorough, perhaps for years, actually started now and not under the next president who will have to deal with it. Something tells me this fact will be forgotten just months (or sooner) after the next president is sworn in.
And as I predicted, the latest wingnut talking point is blaming the current president for all our economic woes even though he has only been in office a few weeks. And it really wasn’t hard to see this coming, even a year away.

In that same post, I said this which is as applicable today as it was then:
Speaking of economic downturn, I’m really tired of the pundit class on my TV (and elsewhere) telling me that I am most concerned about the stock market when it comes to economic issues. They point to the fact that many, many Americans now have investments in the market through their 401k plans. And while that's true, 401ks for most people are neither all that large (in terms of dollars) nor a day-to-day money concern. These well-paid-for-nothing pundits and their social and professional cohorts probably DO have lots invested in the market, so it is a concern for them. But the rest of us don’t really have a big stake in the market, at least not one we need to worry about today.

Anyway, I don’t live for the stock market and most other people don’t either. But the bobble heads on the TV don’t get that. They don’t have to worry about the next house payment or have to make a decision between filling the tank and stocking the
I really don’t get why the stock market gets so much media attention and joblessness gets an occasional mention whenever the new unemployment rate comes out (like it did today). If I’m unemployed, my 401k is the least of my worries. Not that this is a new phenomenon, it just seem particularly misguided now.


Marie said...

Wow, that first part was really prophetic. I had forgotten the first part, but I distinctly remember what you said about the talking heads and the stock market. It definitely made an impression.

RickMonday said...

I agree that this is not Obama's recession, so far. Recessions typically last around 9 months or so. We will see if Obama's policies help or hurt this recession. So far they have done nothing to help. But I am willing to give him some time.

The one thing that really concerns me is that he has not adjusted his policies from the campaign trail speeches he made last year. The economic situation has certainly changed and yet his plans have not. They are the same big govt, massive spending formula that libs have always pushed for in order to buy votes.

I hope he does succeed but dont understand how spending 3.5 trillion dollars is going to help when we are already broke. Common sense tells you that you are just digging a deeper hole.

But nice predictions Dave.

geek_guy said...

Woohoo Rick showed his face and name!

Slight difference in deficit spending between Bu$h and Obama. Bush spent it on a war of choice to privatize our military at 4 times the rate (profits for Cheney's company). He spent money over there, so he won't have to spend money over here. Rebuilding Iraqi roads put how much into the American economy versus building roads in the US? Looks like you care more about IRAQ then America.

geek_guy said...

Oh, and a couple thing about your numbers vs reality. Bu$h never included his war in the actual budget, Obama is. Also that 3.5 Trillion figure includes interest over the next few years. If you quit Enroning the numbers, Rick, you will see that Bu$h spent far more to put is in this hole. It doesn't surprise me when conservatives become "fiscal conservatives" during a Dem Presidency and not during a Republican. Oh, and look up how much Saint Ronnie Reagen had to deficit spend to bring the economy back from his earlier failure.

RickMonday said...


I have never claimed that Bush was a fiscal conservative. He spent like a drunken sailor and it wasnt all on just the Iraq war (which Obama seems to continue to adjust his withdrawal date).

I dont even see that much quality spending in the parts of the bill I have seen. I dont see where his big "green" investments are. Where is the new 3 million person "green" industry that Obama promised us?

How many nuclear plants are in this bill? Zero! The guy was going to spend this money regardless if we were in a recession or not. He has no new ideas. Just a lot more of the same ole bad ones.

geek_guy said...

As I stated, there is a difference between the presidents is how the money is spent. And of course, the "parts" that you read, Fox News, made up for you. FYI, there is no part of the bill that goes to the marsh mouse or a anti-grav rail train going from Micky Mouse to a Whore House.

So the weatherization of government buildings are going to be done by magical flying monkeys and not create any "green" jobs? When they extend tax breaks for retrofitting homes with alternative energy or tax breaks for energy saving home improvements, no jobs there?

Of course I can keep slapping the facts upside your narrow head and you will still lie about the bible to prove your wrong points.

Last point, nuke power plants are not green.

RickMonday said...

The weatherization of government buildings is Obama's magnificent "green" plan?

Or giving $2billion in tax breaks so someone can put insulation in their house shows this organizers intellect?

Give me a break.

Just to show that I am fair and balanced, I do like his idea to get rid of subsidies to large farms. But overall, he is in way over his head and I think his honeymoon is over.

And he hasnt done shit in Iraq. He wants us there for another 18 months. Bush would have had us out before then. Now Obama is getting us deeper in Iraq. Ha.

And oh by the way, Gitmo is still open.....this guy is incompetent and a liar.

RickMonday said...

Above should read, deeper in Afghanistan.

geek_guy said...

Wow, RM is incompetent and a liar! Obama said he'll work with the military to get a schedule. I remember when you wrong wingers complained that he was going to pull out "before the job is done", now he's taking too long. Can't you make up your tiny little minds!?!

Wow 50 days in and Obama is a failure. What was Bush doing 50 days after Clinton left him with a fully functional economy?

Now watch this drive!

geek_guy said...

Oh, and since you only read Fox News filtered parts of the plan. I will not list the others in the thousands of pages of the bill. Read the whole bill yourself and then decide if it enough.

You clearly missed the memo that a new president is not responsible for anything that happens till Sept. 12.

Now watch this drive!

RickMonday said...

I just love the double speak coming from the left. I guess your messiah can do no wrong. Today he spoke about how bad earmarks are and his teleprompters told him to say that "next time" we will stop ear marks. But this time we will let it go.

No lobbyists in my administration, except for a few people we really need.

I love it. This clown is being exposed for the fraud that he is.

But being fair and balanced, I will tell you that he is a very very good reader. He is so good that he can read from 2 teleprompters at once. Wow!

geek_guy said...

This is from a fan of a guy (from Connecticut) with a fake Texas accent he picked after moving there in his 20's. Then his ranch he bought in 1999 for photo ops of him clearing brush instead of reading PDBs. There are plenty of videos of Obama's town hall meetings where they didn't arrest people not from his party trying to get in and ask questions. No teleprompters there.

Most of the bill, with less then 2% earmarks, and 1/2 from REPUBLICANS! was written up BEFORE OBAMA was president! Yet he is to blamed for that.

But being fair and balanced, they did a good job hiding the wire that prompted idiot Bu$h with the answers during the debates.

You keep forgetting the rule, new Presidents are not responsible till Sept 12.

Now watch this drive!

RickMonday said...

Why so obsessed with Bush? Get over it. We are talking about the stock market and you go off on Bush and Reagan. You need to take some meds.

We straight?

RickMonday said...

More than one out of every five dollars of the $126 million Massachusetts is receiving in earmarks from a $410 billion federal spending package is going to help preserve the legacy of the Kennedys.

Defend that, chump.

Marie said...

Well, I'm not Geek guy, nor chump, but consider among other things, it will eliminate the worst archival storage space problem in the presidential library system and it will facilitate six years of work to expand the library.... It's not like they're going to give the cash to the Kennedys, which I'm sure Rush and his ilk would want their sheeple to believe, and which some of your comments make me think you're one. Don't let them blow your gasket so much. Seriously.

RickMonday said...


I appreciate your understanding and dont mean to seem belligerent to you. But why should we spend/waste/whatever money on this project. Especially since it is money that we dont have. Hell, I would love to have an Escalade and could probably afford the payments. It is a slick ride and would employ people to make it, but guess what, I really cant afford it right now. So, I either SAVE my money or simply realize that it wont be mine.

There is no reason that we should be spending money on a Kennedy museum. Especially considering one of them was a killer. No thanks. Plus with Nancy Pelosi demanding the G5 every day and wanting 30 million to save her mouse, we just cant afford a tribute to Teddy. And I thought I was extravagant flying in the CJ1.

Plus, the biggest thing that bothers me about Obama is his inability to make a decision. Lets take the tax cuts for a prime example. He says we need to get rid of the tax cuts for the rich to help America. Fine, I disagree but he is President, no problem. But then he says the he wont get rid of them now because they will hurt the economy. WTF??? Getting rid of tax cuts for the rich is either good or it is not good, no in between. (Reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay....but that is another story) It seems like he is just trying to please people. I think Rahm Emanual is giving some pretty bad advice. After all he said they should take advantage of every crisis. What a fucking moron.

geek_guy said...

Dear Zero reading comprehension member of the Hypocrite Party,

The reason why I focus on Bu$h is because of Him and his fellow members of the Hypocrite Party for the last 8 years and also extending to the the congressional control during the Clinton years have messed things up and you expect Obama to fix it in in 50 days. Members of the Hypocrite Party claim to be fiscally responsible yet the last 8 years , Bush and the Hypocrite members of congress pushed thru so much deficit spending they are not. As I stated before, less then 2% of the earmarks. About half of the earmarks are from members of the Hypocrite Party. Being the card carrying Hypocrite, you listed some Dem earmarks, but never were fair and balanced and attacked any Hypocrite earmarks. When 0% of the earmarks are from Hypocrites, then start complaining, until then STFU.

Re: Tax Cut
In 2001, Bu$h and your fellow Hypocritical Congress pushed for Tax Cuts because Clinton left the economy in good shape and the government didn't need the money. Then a year later (I have made this point a couple times already) when the economy tanked, Bush and the Hypocrite Congress decided that to boo(s)t the economy, you need more tax custs. WTF???? Now members of the Hypocrite Party complain that those tax cuts stay! WTF????

More Andrew Dice Clay moments:
Bush was against nation building be fore he and your fellow Hypocrites were for it.
And I won't cut and paste so look at this list and others.

Obama has done more for this country in 50 days, then Vacationing Bush and the Hypocritical Congress did in a year.

Now watch this drive!

RickMonday said...

I dont expect Obama to fix the problem in 50 days. I have never said that. But, I did not expect him to put kerosene on the fire.

Please explain his tax stance. Why is raising taxes on the rich good in 2 years but not good now? I mean, I didnt go to Harvard,(I didnt have to use my safety school)so my sense of logic may be different than his. He says it is good to raise taxes on the rich but not right now because it will be bad...WTF

He knew what the situation was when he was running. Now all he does is point fingers.

Where is the Change? Where is the end to politics as usual? Having your staff go after Rush Limbaugh really isnt change.

But in my fair and balanced manner, I will also offer praise to Obama. Today he is considering sending troops to the Mexican border. I hope he does. In fact we ought to drive all of the illegal mexicans OUT of my country.

geek_guy said...

I dont expect Obama to fix the problem in 50 days.......Where is the Change? Where is the end to politics as usual?

You don't see the contradiction in those 2 statements?

Please explain his tax stance.
I've ask you to please explain Bush and your fellow Hypocrites stance on tax cuts is good during a budget surplus and during a budget deficit. Please explain why when your fellow Hypocrites ran their last presidential campaign on the slogan of "he is going to raise your taxes!" (being the dishonest and fear mongering Hypocrites that they are, they forget that it would be only for the top 5%) yet bitch when he doesn't!

Look, you Hypocrites ran this country into the ground for the last 8+ years, why the hell should we listen to anything you say? You had you chance, stand aside, shut up, and let the adult fix this.

Oh and the latest hypocrisy.

RickMonday said...

Look I am willing to give him a chance. I want him to succeed. I just think that his ideas are wrong. I hope I am wrong because he is going to institute them anyway.

But you have to admit that he is not doing what he campaigned on. He needs to quit letting Pelosi and Reid control him. They wrote the stimulus bill, they allowed the earmarks in the recent budget. They are hurting Obama.

I think Rahm Emanual was a very poor choice for his chief of staff. If Obama really wants to bring the country together, he needs to be making the decisions. Right now it looks like Emanual and Pelosi are the leaders. There is no way that it was Obama's idea to go after Rush.

But again, you need to get off your Bush kick. Yes, his fiscal policies were poor and I have never defended them. McCain was a very poor nominee also. I wanted Romney because I saw this mess coming.

geek_guy said...

But you have to admit that he is not doing what he campaigned on.
He never said he'll eliminate earmarks, just more control.

Wow, he takes input from others, it's better then the mindless dictator (complete with death squads and torture centers) that is inflexible on everything that we had the last 8 years.

I'll say it again...
Look, you Hypocrites ran this country into the ground for the last 8+ years, why the hell should we listen to anything you say? You had you chance, stand aside, shut up, and let the adult fix this.