Wednesday, August 24, 2005

NBC Says Robertson Not an "Extreme Cleric"

I saw this on the NBC Nightly News last night too but was not able to put up a post about it at the time. Atrios did and says it well:
NBC started their Robertson piece with "This was no extremist cleric issuing a death threat. This was Christian Minister Pat Robertson..."

Watch the clip here.

So, it's a non-extremist cleric issuing a death threat. What do the extremist Christian clerics do?
I about jumped out of my bed, pain and all, when I heard that opening statement to the Robertson story. So much for the "liberal media".

Fact is, Robertson is only one of many who have hijacked Christianity to serve their radical rightwing political ends. One of the ugliest things to appear on the American political landscape over the last 25 years has been the melding of these hateful, alleged men of God and the extremist politics of the new right. Robertson is the face of that evil.

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