Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Uygur at the Post

I have no idea who Chenk Uygur is except that he apparently does a radio show somewhere and is a regular poster over at the Huffington Post mega-blog. And quite a poster he is. I've link to him more than once here and I'm going to do it again now. (Why are talk radio guys often such good bloggers?)

His comments today involve a couple of Iraq War vets who deeply oppose the war but have volunteered to go back for another tour. One of them is Paul Hackett, who narrowly lost a Congressional race in Ohio recently.
The great irony is that these two men, who risk their lives for decisions they don’t even agree with, are called unpatriotic for opposing the war. Rush Limbaugh said Paul Hackett was hiding behind his uniform. Since they oppose the war, these men are accused of not supporting the troops. Have you ever heard anything more absurd in your life?

This administration uses the slogan “Support the Troops” as its shield and battering ram, even if it batters people who put their lives on the line to go back and literally support those troops. The conservative attack against Hackett puts to rest the lie that they support the troops. They support the war they started, and they support the troops only if it is politically convenient.
I'll second that. Go read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Google and you shall recieve.

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