Friday, August 12, 2005

Strom Clouds Gather

I'm way late on commenting on this but it was a busy day today (picnicing, boating and washing machine shopping) so I'm still trying to catch up.

Anyway, Springfield Alderman Bruce Strom is taking no prisoners in his quest for a good smoking ban in Springfield:
Strom said he will introduce the smoking ban to the city council by next week. Strom's ordinance would ban smoking everywhere except outside, in private homes and apartments, hotel rooms and rooms inside nursing homes where all residents have agreed to permit smoking. Smoking would be banned in all restaurants, bars and bowling alleys.
I said earlier I would accept a compromise that only banned smoking in restaurants but I'm more than happy to ride along with Strom's blitz to rid smoking from virtually all pubic places.

I was also pleased the SJ-R finally noted there may be a connection between Mayor Tim Davlin's entrenched opposition to a wider smoking ban and his brother's ownership of a couple of city drinking establishments.
Mayor Tim Davlin... has said he will oppose the ordinance because it's a decision for business owners to make on their own. Davlin's brother, Kevin, is a bar owner.

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