Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Supplemental Beer Blogging: Disaster Edition

Since they can't make a good beer with it, why not.
WWL-TV [New Orleans] reported that the Miller Brewing Co. was sending
several truck loads of water to the region from its Albany, Ga., plant.
But how is Miller going to be able tell the difference between the water and Miller Lite?

UPDATE: From a Miller Brewing Co. press release:
(MILWAUKEE) -- Miller Brewing Company announced today it is sending six truckloads of emergency drinking water — more than 80,000 32-ounce bottles — to
help Hurricane Katrina victims in Louisiana and Mississippi. Miller is coordinating with relief workers, state agencies and its distributors and suppliers to provide drinking water bottled from its Albany, Ga., brewery to communities hardest hit by the hurricane.

The first truckloads of water left Albany last night for Baton Rouge, La., and Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Miss., where the water will be distributed to those most in need. The additional truckloads of water are expected to ship within days, as Miller and its area distributors are able to communicate and finalize arrangements with the affected communities.

Miller’s contribution was made possible with the support of donated services and supplies from Fleetmaster Express Inc., which donated the transportation; Owens-Illinois Glass, which donated the glass bottles; NorthStar Print Group, which donated the labels; and Inland Paperboard and Packaging, which donated the cardboard containers.
Well good on them all. It's Miller time.

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