Friday, August 26, 2005

So Long...

The BRAC Commission voted tonight to recommend moving the planes of the 183rd to Ft. Wayne, IN. That means they almost certainly will be moved.

And thank you Bush Administration for proposing this in the first place! You've met all my expectations once again.

UPDATE: Jim over at AbeLog says Congressman Ray Lahood is mildly miffed but so what:
For the record, Congressman Ray LaHood says he's very displeased about the decision to give our jets to Indiana, especially given his unflagging support for the Bush administration's military decisions over the years, and he plans to clearly communicate his displeasure to the White House.

Yeah, a stern talking-to. That'll work. LaHood is learning that loyalty is a one-way street with this White House. They demand it, but only return it when it suits their purposes.
Mr. LaHood, you are no John Thune.

Ellsworth [Air Force Base] is a major base for B-1B bombers. The Pentagon's decision in May to recommend closing the base as part of a series of cost-cutting measures concerned Sen. John Thune, a freshman South Dakota Republican who unseated then-Sen. Minority Leader Tom Daschle, a Democrat, last year.

During his campaign, Thune repeatedly claimed he would have more success at keeping the base open, saying that as a fellow Republican he would have greater access to President Bush.

Thune and fellow members of the state's bipartisan congressional delegation launched an intense campaign to convince the very influential BRAC panel to overturn the recommendation.

Of course, the BRAC Commission voted Ellsworth should remain open.


JeromeProphet said...

So there's no chance that we'll keep our jets?

Is BRAC the final word?

Anonymous said...

I guess the gov could go to court to block the move. Like it will do any good but you never know.

Dave said...

The president and Congress have the final word (outside of the courts).

I think the President can accept or reject the plan wholesale, not individual pieces and I assume the same goes for Congress. That's the whole point of the BRAC Commission.

Besides, it was the BUSH ADMINISTRATION'S idea in the first place so I don't think there's going to be any desire to change it.

Anonymous said...

Plus it doesn't help to have a democratic run state and Durbin and Obama. There will be no changing this decision. They are gone at thats just that.

Dave said...

"Plus it doesn't help to have a democratic run state and Durbin and Obama."

True to the extent that the administration won't lft a fingure to help a Blue State.

But it is Democratic administrations in Pennsylvania and Illinois that are taking this thing to court. Tennessee has also filed suit but I'm not sure offhand what party is in power there.

JeromeProphet said...

Well I have a solution.
The blue states should stop paying their federal income taxes.

They can't lock us all up can they?

We can use the money saved to purchase brand new state of the art jets.
Then we can defend ourselves from the southern, I mean red, states.

Sure, we've lost the Western states, but we have plenty of supporters in those states, and if we join Canada, and line up support from the Europeans who hate the Red states then we might be able to woop them again!

Or am I just dreamin?

Dave said...

Lincoln did a very bad thing.

JeromeProphet said...

And now they're taking his jets away!

Marie said...

So, this is the price we pay to continue fighting the war on terror? In Iraq? I mean, what is this all about? I'm more and more convinced this is some kind of payback.

Anonymous said...

But JP-
There are no red or blue states. Remember, only shades of purple according to B.O.

But you're totally right- we do so need a second civil war, that will solve everything. Love the kind and gentle liber---oops I mean progressive movement.

Dave said...

JP is kidding Anon.