Friday, August 26, 2005

Ruling to Save 183rd?

Here's more on that ruling today that might block the federal government from moving the 183rd out of Springfield:
PHILADELPHIA - In a blow to the Pentagon's plan to shake up National Guard units, a judge ruled Friday that the Defense Department does not have the authority to dissolve a Pennsylvania Air National Guard division without the governor's approval.

U.S. District Judge John R. Padova said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should have gotten consent from Gov. Ed Rendell before moving to deactivate the 111th Fighter Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. The judge said the Pentagon's recommendation to close the unit is "null and void."

Several other states have filed, or are considering, similar lawsuits.

The BRAC commission abruptly adjourned for a three-hour recess around 3:00 pm our time this afternoon but I'm not clear this ruling is the reason. I was all prepared for what amounted to a final decision on the 183rd this afternoon but even if the BRAC commission votes the 183rd away tonight, this ruling now leaves me with at least a little hope.

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