Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy iPhone Day: Early Bird Update

At 10:00 this morning there were about half a dozen people sitting in front of the Cingular (At&T) store on West Monroe.

1:00 Update: About a dozen camped out now. The Subway next door stands to profit too.

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JeromeProphet said...

Update: Dave blows off work, we'll call it IPhonecrapitis to blog live from the line in front of the Cingular AT&T store.

First Entry: Man picking his nose bumps into me - disgusting.

Second Entry: Boy do I have to go poop! Why didn't I think of that before rushing down here.

Third Entry: This is so stupid. Like most of these people don't even look like they have jobs, or families. Maybe I should go to work after all. I'll just sort of pretend I was at a meeting or something. No one will notice.

Forth Entry: I've called my teenager to come over to take my place in line. Paying her two hundred dollars to stand here until I get back. Must go to toilet REALLY bad!

Fifth Entry: I feel so embarrassed! I've never done that before, well not since I wore diapers anyway.

Sixth Entry: My teenager is nowhere in sight. Damn it I shouldn't have given her the money up front. What an idiot I am. Now I'm twenty people back in line, and the guy in front of me smells like he's been here all night.

Oh my god he's taking a crap right here in line!