Tuesday, June 12, 2007

‘Time’ to Rewrite History

Time magazine headline:
The Speech That Brought Down a Wall

Apparently, Reagan's "tear down this wall" line actually brought down the Berlin Wall (years later). I love revisionist GOP history as presented by the so-called liberal media.

I see the logic though. In fact, a similar thing happened to me the other day. I stood next to my neighbor’s yard and declared, “Mr. Neighbor, mow this lawn!” And you know what, a few days later he DID MOW HIS LAWN. I’m so awesome. Just like Reagan.


Anonymous said...

Reagan did indeed put pressure on the USSR to end communism, open up east Berlin, and stop the cold war. Reagan was one of the top 3 presidents of all time. Not only did he restore America's pride that Jimmy Carter lost for us, his tax cuts increased government revenues, and formed the basis for the great economic boom of the 90s.

Anonymous said...

Rick, Rick, Rick

Simplistic GOP talking points one and all.

Sorry, even if you believe Reagan was responsible for the fall of Soviet communism (which he was not), the speech itself had nothing to do with it. If it had, and mere words could end the Cold War, what exactly were we so afraid of?

JeromeProphet said...

Never a big fan of Reagan, he must still be given his due.

Was he singularly responsible for the fall of the Soviet Empire? Of course not!

Was he an ardent anticommunist who increased military spending which helped further bankrupt the Soviet System - absolutely.

As the years pass I have greater appreciation for the role which Reagan played at the end of the Cold War.

Would the Soviet Empire have failed eventually anyway? Most Certainly, yet it is wonderful it happened when it did - as we were all allowed to see it.

Conservatives like to tell themselves that they were the reason for America's triumph over Communism, but we all know that social spending both here, in Japan, and Western Europe (which Conservatives opposed then as now) steamrolled the rebuilding and stabilization of a post World War II world economy.

It wasn't all tanks, and B52s which helped destroy Communism, it was also Color Televisions, and a new Car every three years. A properly regulated economy, seeking to eliminate instabilities which gave rise to one war after another - which would all but spell disaster in the nuclear age.

It's that truth which Conservatives may deny, but in actuality have benefited from the most.

Thank you Mr. Roosevelt!