Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Satirically Impaired

I have no idea if the real Kevan Kavanaugh wrote the following comment in response to this post.
I've been told of your post by some of the staff in the office and I felt the need to respond. Let me make this perfectly clear, you are not responsible for the departure of Mr.Pierce and Mrs.Michaels. Far from it. I am unable to go into details for legal reasons but understand, you're little internet blog doesn't scare me or our multi-million dollar business. You are dreaming if you think one small man can bring down what Brian and Kellie brought to this city.

Kevan Kavanaugh
Mid-West Family
Whoever left the comment has no sense of sarcasm. It’s amazing to me that no matter how many times I state that I am sure I had nothing to do with the “departure” of Brian & Kellie from WNNS, I still get admonished for allegedly claiming I did.

All snark from my old post aside, I once again assure everybody that I don’t really believe I got Brian & Kellie “departed”. Nor do I believe my "little internet blog" can bring on the departure of anyone else from that radio goup or any other radio group.

Additionally, since I have no way of knowing who actually left the comment, I’ll refrain from pointing out the childishness of commenter; childishness that would be even more disconcerting if it actually did come from the manger of a local radio group.


Rich Miller said...

Hmmm. Maybe Spfld bloggers could get together and really try to get somebody at MWFB fired. How about Kevan Kavanaugh?


gotshoo.com said...

I know my even smaller blog lives in fear of the 11th hour.


Anonymous said...

I'll admit to having spoken (unofficially) to a D.J. from the Midwest Family Broadcasting empire.

He shed no light whatsoever. Not only did he not seem to know of the "blog takes down Brian and Kellie", but he didn't seem to care.

And yes, this was one of the "partying type D.J.s" so Brian & Kellie may have just been some old timers who had a better slot to the person I spoke with.

Still, I don't believe anyone at the station even knows why - for sure, and Kavanaugh would probably be one of the few.

I'm guessing he wouldn't waste any time writing such a snivellingly trite comment on Dave's blog.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how the supposedly smart people are rather clueless. As for your part of the online world not affecting anything. I still don't believe anyone who says the whole issue was a coincidence. That said I could point this person to smaller lesser known sites that have taken on bigger companies and had an affect. If I remember right I gave some examples of that in my article. But I'm sure my 1.5 million pageviews last year would be considered small change by this person. Which in internet terms it is. Yet it is interesting how smaller sites have made waves that got action in the past and present. Traditional media time and again - especially on the local level continue to show how they just don't get it. Interesting how when no one wants to talk about the truth they mention legal reasons or privacy.