Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Leadership for the Last Century

I agree with Atrios, the leader of the country should have at least some basic knowledge of computers and the internet. Or at least use them once in a while. But John McCain admits he has no idea how to use a computer and, I assume by extension, no practical understanding of the internet. This maybe doesn’t completely and totally disqualify someone from being president in the 21st century, but it sure should be points off. See the video of McCain’s remarks here.

The good news is we have photographic evidence McCain does know how to use, or at least talk on, a cell phone.

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Aakash said...

I remember, the last time he ran for President, a lot of Illinois Democrats (and Democrats elsewhere in the country), were enthusiastically backing him.

My cousin-in-law (a strong liberal, who worked for the Illinois House Democrats) loved John McCain... "John McCain is not a Republican" is what she said. That was on the front page of The New Republic.

When he lost the 2000 primary, quite a few of his supporters ended up voting for Al Gore.

I wonder how many Democrats (in Illinois, but especially elsewhere), will end up voting for McCain this time.