Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Repeat Obama Edition

OMG! I'm ready for bed late Thursday night and suddenly realize I haven't Friday Beer Blogged. That's mostly because I got caught up in the whole Dem Convention coverage thing and Obama's pitch-perfect speech. Well, here's a repeat of an Obama beer blog from last winter:

I'll make this simple; watch this CNN video. Just do it, I'll wait.

It's a report from Kenya where the locals are celebrating Barack Obama's winning streak by...what else, drinking beer. But not just any beer, Senator beer. Kenyans have dubbed it "Obama Beer".

Obama's father, as you probably know, was Kenyan and folks there have Obama fever. That is, when they don't have an Obama hangover.

Have a great Presidents Day weekend! And have a beer for Obama, but not too many, it will make you Obamit.

Update 08/29/08: Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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