Monday, August 04, 2008

It’s Too Hot To Seriously Blog, So Let’s Discuss Mr. Eggroll

Sometimes I wonder why certain places have such staying power. Driving on west Jefferson over the weekend, I found myself curious as why Mr. Eggroll is still around. I’m not commenting on their food (I haven’t been in there in over 10 years), it just seems like it’s been around a loooong time for a business that sees stores come and go so routinely. ANd I relly don'r know anyone who goes there.
In the past when I have purchased food at Mr. Eggroll, it hasn’t been particularly remarkable, just standard Chinese fare as we know it here. IIRC, it’s been at its current location at least 25 years. The only thing that even draws my attention to it driving by is it’s looking just a little run down and could use a makeover. But they must be doing something right

That’s all. Back to sweating.


capitolfax said...

When a business is your family's sole source of income, and you're serious about keeping it that way, you find a way to make it work.

ThirtyWhat said...

OMIGOD ... are you serious? Dude! Mr. Eggroll has the best fried rice in Springfield! No other fried rice tastes remotely like it.

Now is that due to the mouse droppings? Who knows ... but still ... yum!