Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Truck Is An Eyesore

Or it would be if I lived in this guy's neighborhood.

... a Frisco [Texas] man says his truck is being targeted simply because his homeowners association doesn't think it's classy enough.

Jim Greenwood said he never dreamed his HOA would have a problem with his new Ford F-150 pickup. Then he received the first of three notices threatening him with fines.

"Mr. Greenwood, you're violating a subdivision rule that prohibits pickup trucks in your driveway," the notice reads.

Stonebriar HOA rules allow several luxury trucks on driveways, including the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline and Lincoln Mark LT.

But most Ford, Dodge or Chevy pickups are restricted.

"It's very frustrating and confusing. It's hard to imagine how an HOA would try to dictate what type of vehicle you can drive and park in your driveway," Mr. Greenwood said.
That's just idiotic. Maybe I'm biased because I own an F-150 and park it in the driveway during the warm months (in the garage during the cold months). Thing is, my truck is eight years old and is a fine, fine looking pick-up. It's not in anyway an eyesore. Judge for yourself; here's my son holding the business end of a power washer we were using to clean my beautiful truck a few weeks ago, in my driveway.

Fortunately, the HOA in our subdivision isn't as dickish as the one in the story. Although, we do have some restrictions on boats and RVs. I actually serve as a representative on our HOA and I think we've only sent one "please move your boat or RV" reminder in the five or six years I've been involved. And even that made me a little uncomfortable despite the fact that the notice was agreed to because some a-hole had long had an RV parked in the driveway in such a way as it forced any car parked behind it to block the sidewalk.


JeromeProphet said...

Old Man: I simply hate the color of your truck Dave.

Old Man: Let us make a rule, from now on no more maroon colored pick up trucks will be allowed in the subdivision.

Old Woman: Yes, yes, I second the notion!

Old Man: All those in favor?

Old Woman: Dave?

Old Dave: Yes?

Old Woman: But isn't that your truck?

Old Dave: It is.

Old Man: Then why are you voting in favor of banning your own truck from the subdivision?

Old Dave: Well, I think it's a fine color, but then again I didn't come from such wonderful place as this. My parents raised me on south Spring street.

Old Man: They did?

Old Dave: Yes, and there were all kinds of horrible things going on there then.

Old Woman: Oh my.

Old Dave: Yes, people were driving any kind of car they wanted, and leaving them outdoors they were!

Old Man: God forbid, watch what you say there are some children here tonight.

Old Dave: Sorry.

Old Woman: Now back to the vote.

geek_guy said...

Clearly that HOA is from a more exclusive (snobbish, elitists) neighborhood. There are plenty of HOA horror stories out there. I can understand many of the rules as "necessary" such as RV/boat, no car repairs in driveway, etc. But when they start getting picky on a silly thing such as a doormat (true story), then they are just stupid.

Gish said...

And that is why I live in a neighborhood without an HOA. I would rather deal with issues than have some set of rear ends tell me what I can and cannot do with my own property.