Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Vitamins Added Edition

Healthy beer? Well actually, used in moderation, it's already quite a healthful drink. But somebody has decided we need a beer with vitamin supplements. That somebody is the brewer of Stampede Light beer.

Brewed in Texas, Stampede Light is being endorsed by beer expert Jessica Simpson. I guess Paris Hilton was too busy participating in the presidential race.

However, Stampede doesn't appear to have been the first to think of this. A Filipino beer inventor seems to have come up with the idea too.

Thing is, beer already has lots of vitamins and other good stuff. With all due repect to Jessica, I'll pass. But then I don't have to really since it isn't sold here.

Have a great weekend! And take your vitamins - have a beer.

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Jeff said...

I always take my vitamins after enjoying a good beer or two. Vitamins help ensure your body has the right stuff to be healthy.

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