Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama to Pick Tim Davlin as VP!

By now you've heard that Barack Obama is coming to Springfield Saturday to announce his choice for a running mate. That means only one thing: It's Springfield Mayor Tim Davlin! It has to be!

The evidence is now overwhelming. Let's run down the list:
Obama is coming here to make the announcement. The town in which Davlin is mayor. Not a coincidence.

Davlin led the way in implementing the city's smoking ban long before it was Kool to do so. Obama who has, or is trying, to stop smoking will need someone with a proven track record to keep him off the butts.

Davlin is an overt Irish Catholic and has not ever been suspected of being a Muslim.

The sudden announcement that Davlin's brother, Kevin, will soon be divesting himself of Chantilly Lace is evidence of the Veep vetting process. No one wants Chantilly's notorious past brought up during the campaign. The Attorney General's position may then also become available to Kevin Davlin.

What campaign could pass up the slogan "Vote For the Boyz From Illinoiz"?

Davlin was seen in the Simpsons "Real Springfield" contest video in London, solidifying the mayor's foreign policy cred.
See! It's inevitable.


Anonymous said...

Wow................You could be on to something.

rickmonday said...

Well, the only person who can help Obama and maybe stop his huge slide in the polls (probably due to his pathetic showing in the recent debate)is Hillary.

But, I doubt he would choose Hillary. It will probably be Biden.


Anonymous said...

Is Kevin Davlin a resident of IL?