Thursday, August 07, 2008

Paul Sings About Springfield

A songwriting friend of mine came up with a song Paul McCartney may want to use in any potential live double album commemorating his journey on Route 66.

Actually, my friend has, as far as I know, never written another song, but he wrote this one so that makes him a songwriter.

Anyway the song:

Peeing at the Circle K

Peeing at the Circle K
Along Route 66
Met up with locals on the way
And let them take some pix

Said we're heading toward St. Lou
From the Hamptons in this old Bronco
We're hoping we can make it through
All the way to New Mexico

Driving historic 66 today
Will surely be a high
But peeing at the Circle K
Just couldn't be denied

Cause I'm 66 just like the road
And pit stops are a must
For it's getting harder trying to hold
With a bladder I can't trust

Happy you caught me coming out
Instead of going in
For I then was able to hear your shout
With a relieved and happy grin

So, goodbye sweet Springfield
With heavy heart, I leave these words if I may
Hoping your lips are forever sealed Of my peeing at the Circle K


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