Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Stag Edtion

Stag beer is one of those old time American beer icons that somehow manages to hold on even though nobody in their right mind drinks it anymore. Well, I have one friend who drinks it but everyone understands that its merely a desperate cry for attention.

A few weeks ago when I was at Brewhaus celebrating my birthday, Former Wingman SK and I at one point were having a hard time deciding on what beer to get next off the menu. So many beers so little time. Finally, I suggested Stag. Ha, ha. Not when there are so many good beers to choose from. But later that night (and many beers later) we found ourselves at The Corner Pub to grab some wings and nacho fries and, of course, one more beer. Well, we spied Stag on the menu and we had our first Stags in over 25 years. It's still forgettable after all these years.

Stag is part of the Pabst family of beers and can be found online here.

Long ago, Mr. Magoo was the beers spokesman (view old TV commercials here).

By the way, today (I assume it's still there), the world's largest Stag can resides in Greene County, Illinois.

Have a great weekend! And don't drink so much beer you STAGger.


John said...

Hey Dave,

I've only had a few Stags in my life. I didn't like it, and that was during a time when I was only drinking swill beer. Thanks for the memories.

I'm interested to know what your take is on the rebirth of Schlitz. Just a few days ago, I was reading about the return of Schlitz with its original recipe. Have you had the chance to try the returning heavyweight?

Dave said...


No I haven't had a Schlitz in forever either. I might give it try now though.

John said...

Yeah, reading about the new (old) Schlitz made me really want one. I'm kind of a sucker for nostalgia, but it did sound like the Schlitz folks have put some thought into bringing Schlitz back as a better beer.

I don't think they're selling Schlitz around here just yet, but they will.

Old Smoky Burgess fan said...

I have tried the "new" Schlitz and liked it. It has that old malt-y but smooth Schlitz taste to me. Of course, I liked it way back when, too.