Saturday, August 30, 2008

Glasses as Accessories

OK, my joke about Sarah Palin looking like a LensCrafters model was all in good fun, but seriously, every picture I see of her she has on a different pair of glasses. Google her images and see all the different styles she adorns her eyes with.

Can't she wear contacts? Or is she like me and prefers glasses? Except I only buy one new pair every few years. Shit, she has more glasses than McCain has houses.


allie said...

this isnt the place for me to elaborate on all the reasons i dislike her, but i will say, i do wonder a little bit about a person that has that many pairs of glasses, when there are so many people that wished they could just have one of her pairs.

JLo said...

Really now...glasses? You are making fun of her glasses? Come on now, attack her policies or ideals or something, but her glasses? Where is the glasses data coming from? Are their hidden glasses? Is she the Imelda Marcos of glasses? Is she in an anti-contact lenses conspiracy with Tina Fey and Ira Glass?