Sunday, August 31, 2008

Serious Insights: Rules Edition

The great thing about having your own blog is you can comment on things without having to follow rules.


allie said...

: )

i had a "fellow blogger" come into the bar the other night and ask about our "issues." i kindly told him there was no problem. and yes, it is nice to be able to comment on anything you want. i especially like reading your insights.

JeromeProphet said...

SJ-R's list sort of reminds me of a list of rules an anal retentive parent living in the 1950s might enforce at dinner time. A Pleasantville version of reality in which no one exposes a dark side.

That's why I haven't to date signed up to make comments.

I have to watch every word I say, and write, at work all day long, and I don't need it when I recreate. That doesn't mean SJ-R doesn't have a right to exercise censorship - everyone does, it just makes their comments section boring.


Marie said...

The SJ-R's rules are mild. There was once a community where, if someone complained about the moderators or their actions, they sent someone to the complainer's house and and cut off their fingers.