Sunday, August 10, 2008


As of the writing of this post, has been parked. How am I going to find out what's really going on in Springfield (or Kansas or Cameroon, for that matter)?

Update: Spfldbloggers is back up.


JeromeProphet said...

Could it be time to bring back that outdated blogroll?

I never deleted mine, as I never really felt that blogrolls were an outdated tool.

I mean to have the local blogging community overly dependent upon one guy's hobby - it was only a matter of time until he chose softball, or fishing, or faced foreclosure or something and SpringfieldBloggers would become history.

And the SJ-R list is only a matter of time too.

A good net has many interconnecting links - that's the whole idea behind the INTER NET.

Anyone trying to find a link can look at the bottom of my blog for links - feel free to lift my entire blogroll whoever you are, and past it back into your site.

Dave said...

I can repost a blogroll easily enough (I have the good blogs bookmarked individually through my browser). Meanwhile, I have saved myself lots of time not having to maintain a local blogrol all these months. And all this assumes Spfldbloggers is gone for good, which I'm hoping it's not. said...

Nope, just forgot to renew the domain. Promise it won't happen again for another two years.