Thursday, April 06, 2006

En-Lightning Experience

Rich Miller reports the capitol building was struck by lightning today, knocking out power. My first reaction was surprise but then I got to thinking that it must get stuck by lightning quite often, although I’ve never seen it. It’s the second tallest structure in the Springfield (the Hilton is taller if I remember correctly). How often does it get hit?

This got me thinking about how I used to like to watch the Sears Tower during thunderstorms.

While living in Chicago I could see that building from my bedroom window. Occasionally when there was a storm over the city, I would lay on my bed and just watch strike after strike of lightning on the two white towers on top of the building.

Note: the above picture is from this WGN-TV website. And while I did not take that picture, the view is very similar to the one I had in my days there. I did try to capture someing like this on film but my old 35mm SLR was not up to the task. Or maybe it was me.

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Randy said...

Come on Dave, don't you read my blog? :) The capital building is taller than the Hilton...

Sorry, I coundn't let that one go.