Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Beer Blogging: Back to Basics Edition

When I first started blogging on beer my idea was to feature pretty pictures of beer. I thought I would pick a different brew each week and show photos of it in whatever mug or glass it looked best in. And that’s what I did –for a while. Later I veered off into more theme-oriented posts. And while that’s worked out pretty well, I do miss the old school beer blogging. So today I reprise the beauty of a well photographed beer; beer porn if you will.

Today’s lovely temptations are courtesy of the Gayant Brewery of France. That’s les Brasseurs de Gayant in French. OK, Gayant (Gay Ant?) would not be macho enough a name for a beer here in the U.S. where real men lick their cheese papers from Hardees, but just look at this pic of la Goudale:

Oh baby, that’s hot. Or, rather, cool and refreshing. Man, gimme one of those after a hard day at the office.

And la Goudale has a sister, Abbaye de Saint Landeline:

Make that twin sisters.

If you like your beers to have a deep tan, give la Brune artisanale a whirl:

Gayant has a number of other beers and equally seductive pictures of same on their web site.

Next week, back to some dumb theme.

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