Friday, April 07, 2006

JP Goes Pro!

Springfield photo-blogger Jerome Prophet is now in print. Illinois Times is going to regularly feature his work. The IT has this week’s contribution here (on the right).

By the way, this is what I was talking about here.

Update: Since the IT is calling JP’s feature Jerome Prophet’s Springfield, can I start a blog called Springfield Prophet, take pictures of Jerome, then get some space for a feature called Springfield Prophet’s Jerome?


BlogFreeSpringfield said...

I always thought he deserved a wider audience for his work. It looks like he had to reveal his identity to get it. The price of fame, I suppose.

Next I want to see Friday Beer Blogging make the jump to Thursdays and replace the advice goddess on the ITs back page. She was amusing for a while but her act as Dr. Laura's hipper more sarcastic sister is starting to wear.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to JP. Nice work.