Thursday, April 06, 2006

What’s With This Guy?

State Senator Rickey Hendon is acting like a pig again. The SJ-R online breaking news has the latest.

An assistant majority leader in the state Senate is in hot water again over his conduct toward women.

Rep. Robin Kelly said Sen. Rickey Hendon tackled her after the annual House-Senate softball game this week.

"It came out of nowhere. We were in a line, saying, 'Good game. Good game. Good game.' Then, he just came behind me and threw me on the ground," Kelly, a Matteson Democrat, told the Chicago Sun-Times. "I was very angry. I've calmed down now. But I thought it was very inappropriate."

Hendon, a Chicago Democrat, was criticized last week after The Associated Press reported that he made sexually suggestive comments to a female colleague on the Senate floor during ritual "hazing" that occurs when a lawmaker offers debut legislation.

He suggested Sen. Cheryl Axley, a Mount Prospect Republican who had a bill about roads, "go on a township road with me later on tonight." When reprimanded by the chair, Hendon persisted, saying Axley looked young enough to be a teenager and he might "trick her."

This guy needs a serious talking too. Maybe a forced time-out might be in order. In what other profession would this behavior be tolerated? No workplace I’ve been in would let this stuff go.

On the other hand Rep. Kelly comes across a little petty here too:
Kelly, who did not play in the game and was wearing dress clothes, said she cut her finger in the fall and said Hendon should pay to clean her slacks or buy her new ones.
Whatever. Henden is a childish jerk acting like he’s a high school freshman, but whining about your dirty clothes and the boo-boo on your finger doesn’t lead one to the dignity high ground.

Illinois Democrats!

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