Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Second Skyline

Someone has come up with a list of the top 15 skylines in the world. Guess what came in at number 2. No, not Riverton (as beautiful as it is). It’s Chicago. Hong Kong was number 1. Seattle and New York were the only other American cities on the list and Dallas and Pittsburgh got honorable mentions.

As someone who once lived in a building pictured in this skyline shot, I have to agree.

It’s funny, yesterday evening I happened to catch the very end of the movie “About Last Night...” which was shot in Chicago. Its final scene features the Chicago skyline as the credits roll. As I watched that, I was remembering how great that city looks from Grant Park and how great it was to live there for a time. I’m glad someone else thinks it’s as awesome as it really is.


Anonymous said...

I worked on the 72nd floor of what was then known as the Standard Oil Building (now AON) I love that skyline.

Bike said...

I'm a part of that skyline right now--working in my office in the building is barely visible...but there.
I too love that view of the skyline-but have yet to see it from that vantage point...yes, all the views from Grant Park are great.


Bike said...

PS: I love the Hong Kong (#1) skyline and have had the chance to see it from that vantage point!--nice.