Monday, April 03, 2006

Twister II

Blogging about the bad weather around these parts is getting old. Yesterday’s tornados fortunately did far less damage than their March 12th cousins but it’s interesting Springfield was hit in the same place. Are we going o have to change the name of Wabash Avenue to Tornado Alley? Or if our city leaders are true to form it will be called The Abraham Lincoln Avenue of Tornados.

Odd that when tornados do come to town they have to arrive via Wabash. It was so in 1957 and as I blogged after the 3/12 event, my earliest memory of a tornado sighting, when I was 8 or 9, involved a tornado having been spotted near Wabash.

Additionally, we’re getting so tornado-reliable the Weather Channel sent someone here in advance of yesterday’s storm.

Update: CNN had a reporter today reporting the storm damage story from from Taylorville.

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Bike said...

Once again, I'm thankful that my family and friends and all other peeps in Springfield are damage can be fixed/replaced---lives cannot.