Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scotty Goes

Me and Moonbat Coworker discussing via e-amil the resignation of White House Spokesman Scott McClellan.
MBCW: That Scotty the minister of propaganda quit. Something about wanting to renig on that whole "sale of soul to Beelzebub" contract thingy.

Me: Gosh! I bet this means the Bush administration is now going to start telling the truth. Who is Scotty's replacement, Ann Coulter?

MBCW: I think Cheney's going to just start handling more of the PR effort himself. "Go fuck yourself. Next question?"

Me: But how will Helen Thomas react to getting shot in the face?
Surely the best in witty e-water cooler banter.

Update: I was kidding about Ann Coulter but I wasn't far off. Apparently, Fox News' Tony Snow is under consideration. God help us.

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Randy said...

I had to lookup who Ann Coulter was. She sounds very radical by some of the titles of her books.

On her website there is a section on "people allowed to interview" her again. What is the deal with that?