Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You May Think You’ve Read This Before

Do déjà vu experiences diminish with age? And no, I'm not talking about the strip club (although experiences there may dimish with age too).

That question came up while the wife and I were talking last night. She asked if I ever experienced déjà vu. I told her, yes quite often. Then I realized I really hadn’t experienced it much in recent years. I used to feel déjà vu every month or two when I was younger but now I’d say it happens less than once a year. Mrs. TEH thought she's had less déjà vu lately as well.

I was interested to learn that only 70% of people say they ever experienced déjà vu. I haven’t talked to everyone I’ve ever met about it, but everyone I’ve ever talked to about déjà vu has experienced it. But 30% apparently have never had the feeling having previously lived or dreamed about what they are currently experiencing. Too bad for them; it really is one of those weird phenomena that make it fun being alive.

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