Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Hillary By Any Other Name

How stupid are people? This is just crazy; people change their opinion of Hillary Clinton depending not on political issues but whether or not she is referred to as Hillary Rodham Clinton or just Hillary Clinton.
Most Americans' feelings toward the Democratic senator from New York change depending on which name is used, according to a recent poll conducted by Opinion
Research Corp. for CNN.

Including Hillary Clinton's maiden name increased her approval rating among Republicans polled to 23 percent. "Hillary Clinton" had a 16 percent approval rating among people who identified themselves as Republican.

Among people who said they were independent, "Hillary Rodham Clinton" was favored by 48 percent, compared with 42 percent for "Hillary Clinton."

The name seemed to matter little to Democrats; the inclusion of "Rodham" inspired only a 1 percent decrease in her approval rating, from 77 to 76 percent.

But below the Mason-Dixon Line, "Hillary Clinton" got a favorable rating from 52 percent of all respondents, compared with 45 percent for "Hillary Rodham Clinton."
In the rest of the country, the opposite was true: 43 percent of all people polled gave "Hillary Clinton" a positive rating and 53 percent rated "Hillary Rodham Clinton"
OK, it seems Democrats are displaying some sanity by recognizing that HC and HRC are in fact THE SAME PERSON. But what the hell is wrong with so many other people?

This all takes me back to good ol’ Sam Can-Man and my suggestion that politicians change there names to things like Honest Strongleader or Likeable Goodman.

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