Monday, April 10, 2006

Postcard From Palm Springs

Having a good time out here. When I get back I’m definitely recommending we install some mountains. They really improve the ambiance. It works out here anyway.

Flying out of Springfield Sunday morning to catch a connecting flight in Chicago, we got behind none other than Senator Dick Durbin in line to board the aircraft. He was alone and had Kevin Phillips’ book American Theocracy with him (it was bookmarked so I assume he was reading it).

On the flight from Chicago to Palm Springs, Mrs. TEH and I sat next to Judy from Scranton who insisted I looked just like Ben Affleck. She was older and obviously completely blind. But she kept Mrs. TEH in conversation while I played a solo game of Identify That Geographical Feature From 35,000 Feet with my nosed pressed to the window.

We are leaving Thursday but much to my disappointment we are going to miss the big event that starts here at our hotel the day after we leave. From the Palm Springs Life Desert Guide:
DJs, Divas, Drag Queens, Dancing

The White Party, April 14-17, isone of the hottest events on the gay dance circuit. Nonstop music beginswith a pool party…from noon to 6 p.m. April 14. Mark Dalton appears atFriday’s Inferno party and Kim English and Tiffany perform at Saturday’s poolparty…
I didn't even know there was a gay dance circuit. Or maybe I thought they were all gay.


buff said...

Glad you are having a super time. Mark Dalton seems to be making up for lost time, being in jail for the last White Party. Party hardy stud.

JeromeProphet said...


Don't press your nose too hard against the window while looking down upon the rest of us. You'll end up spoiling those movie star looks.