Friday, December 01, 2006

Cold Reception

Ummm…30,000 CWLP customers without power as of 10:30 this morning and it’s going to get down to 13 degrees tonight. This doesn’t sound like a good combination to me, especially since I’m one of those 30,000.

We bought a portable heater this morning and we have a gas fireplace, but I think even with those items its going to be a cold night if power is not restored. And with so many people without power, I would think many are still not going to have it tonight.

What a sucky weather year this city has had in 2006.

Update: Power is back on!

Update 2: I'm told I meant to say, "MY power is back on!"

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JeromeProphet said...

I believe what Dave meant to say is that their power was back on.

Having lost power for nearly a week after the tornado this Spring, and it getting darned cold in the evenings as I can't fail to recall, I can only hope there are enough cots at the various centers available for those who are still without power.