Thursday, December 14, 2006

Right On, Bro

Dan has it right
Despite all of the protestations concerning freedom and property-owner rights, the real reason that some smokers are so incensed over the ban is because it forces them to face the fact that they are hopelessly addicted.


It’s not necessarily that they can’t physically get through a horseshoe and a pint without lighting up, it’s the distress that is caused by knowing that they can’t reflexively slide a butt between their lips should that urge arise.


…hardcore smokers are now turning down invitations to eat and drink in public because of the embarrassing incontinence they would suffer.
Note that I mercilessly cut out all of Dan’s humor which really makes his post worth reading, but his larger point is exactly right. Think about it, why are so many smokers so venomous about the smoking ban? They’re afraid of physical discomfort derived from their addiction. I also still believe that’s why some restaurant and tavern workers/owners are so up in arms – they can no longer smoke at work (like the rest of us, I might add). Tough shit addicts, your right to light up ends where it affects me. If you have problem with that, get help.