Friday, December 15, 2006

Moon Dawgy

I suppose “kidnapping” cheerleaders is actually a bad thing
Mooning the opponents' fans and attempting to "kidnap" their cheerleaders did more than bring a mix of cheers and jeers for SIU's Gray Dawg.

The actions landed the man behind the fur, Brian Ardaugh, a two-game suspension and premature end to his last semester as a mascot.


After the Salukis scored their first touchdown Saturday against the University of Tennessee-Martin, Ardaugh said he tried to grab some Skyhawk cheerleaders and "kidnap" them. UTM's fans were apparently not amused.

"Their fans were booing at me and cussing at me, and I was like, 'I'm not going to have that. This is my home turf,'" Ardaugh said.

That's when the pants came down.

Ardaugh slid down his shorts halfway and displayed Gray Dawg's furry backside for the fans. Not long after, Ardaugh said someone pulled him off the field.
Rogue mascots on the loose debase society! Probably too many video games.

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