Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I have always had a terrible problem with getting shocks when I get out of a car. This happens when I’m already out of the vehicle and touch the door to close it. The resulting shock, while not extremely painful, is annoying and happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I get out of a vehicle in cool or cold weather.

Well, here’s what I’m supposed to do about it.
The voltage build-up can often be avoided by holding onto a metal part of the door frame as you leave the seat. This provides a return dissipation path for the charge on your body.

If you have forgotten to hold the metal door part as you leave the seat, a shock may often still be avoided by touching the glass window before you touch the metal door. The glass may be conductive enough to dissipate charge, whilst preventing the rapid discharge which is felt as a shock.

If you have your keys in your hand - let the spark discharge through the keys not to your fingers, and you won't feel anything!
Well, OK then. I’ll try that. Just make it stop. I’m tired of getting tasered for the crime of driving.

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