Thursday, May 03, 2007

Disappointment Awaits

The Illinois Times reports on Brian & Kellie’s replacements…

At lite-rock WNNS (98.7 FM), a pair of cute young Gen-Y types are due to arrive May 14 to take over the mics that for years belonged to Brian Pierce and Kellie Michaels, whose unexpected exodus in February is still a touchy topic. “I legally cannot talk about the circumstances of their departure,” says Kevan Kavanaugh, Mid-West Family’s president and general manager. [He won’t say it was me? -Dave]

He’s more eager to talk about the new morning team, Amy Nelson and Bryan Major, who currently host the same time slot at WQQB (96.1 FM) in Champaign-Urbana.

Nelson says that she and Major are looking forward to living in a bigger city. “I think it’ll be a ton o’ fun,” she says. She has worked in the Kansas City area; Major has worked in Grand Rapids, Mich., and they’ve worked together in Jackson, Miss., and the Lansing, Mich., area.

Oooooo, have they been to Springfield? A “bigger city” it ain’t. Not exactly "ton o’ fun" either. Well, they better be good or I’ll get them fired too. And that goes for the rest of you radio riff-raff – straighten up or you’re gone!

And I like this:
[Nelson] won’t reveal their ages, except that they’re “definitely younger” than Pierce and Michaels.
Oh, snap! But hey, really, who isn’t?


Anonymous said...

I've been told of your post by some of the staff in the office and I felt the need to respond. Let me make this perfectly clear, you are not responsible for the departure of Mr.Pierce and Mrs.Michaels. Far from it. I am unable to go into details for legal reasons but understand, you're little internet blog doesn't scare me or our multi-million dollar business. You are dreaming if you think one small man can bring down what Brian and Kellie brought to this city.

Kevan Kavanaugh
Mid-West Family Broadcasting

John said...

Is this for real? Did Kevan Kavanaugh really write this comment?


Kevan Kavanaugh most certainly wrote the comment. His arrogance is well known, but I am unable to go into details for legal reasons.