Monday, October 15, 2007

After the Long national Nightmare is Over, Then What?

Richard Roeper asks what’s next for George W. Bush.

Seriously. Bush will be just 62 when he leaves office -- seven years younger than Ronald Reagan when Reagan was elected.

Is Bush going to make an important cause his life's mission, a la Gore?

Is he going to get involved in all sorts of humanitarian efforts and international politics, like Carter?

Is he going to be a globe-trotting, much admired superstar, like Clinton?

Is he going to become a respected elder statesman and counsel to presidents of both parties, as was the case with Nixon?

I don't think so either.

You may dismiss this as the sniping of a liberal/moderate, but even if you believe President Bush is a great leader, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what he'll do once he's out of office.

No doubt Bush will be asked to serve on this or that board, and he'll be able to collect fat speaking fees.

But what else?

Nixon wrote books with titles such as Beyond Peace, No More Vietnams, and 1999: Victory Without War. I can see Bush writing books with titles such as, Where'd I Leave My Boots?, I Still Say Brownie Did a Heckuva Job, and That bin Laden Sure Was a Tough Turtle to Drown.

All snark aside, this guy is going to be radioactive to nearly everyone. And that will include the hardcore wingnut base after they blame him for the huge Republican defeat in 2008. Not that he will care. I don’t think Bush wants to do much of anything ayway. He’ll probably be relieved not to have to put any effort into anything. Failing upward can be tiring.

I will be interested in seeing where he retires. The “ranch” prop will probably go away as soon as he’s out of office (almost as quickly as it appeared before the 2000 election). He won’t hang around Washington, no one does, and he won’t be needed there anyway. Maybe he’ll move back in with mom and dad at Kennebunkport (I’ll bet he’s already called dibs on that place after his parents pass). Texas surely is a good bet, but I also see him as a Palm Springs kind of guy, just golfin’ and goofin’. We’ll see soon enough.


JeromeProphet said...

Maybe his spouse will encourage him. Not really sure what the leisure class does on their spare time, but I can imagine it could get rather boring if done without a purpose.

rickmonday said...


Glad you mentioned Richard Nixon, one of my favorite Presidents of all time. Despite the half baked cover up of Watergate, I thought he was outstanding on foreign affairs and instituting "useful" government programs such as OSHA and the EPA.

Regarding Bush and his plans. You may think I am a big fan of his, but am not at all. I do not think that he has any desire to pursue a "big idea" like Al Gore (although, you already know what I think of his idea) or even Jimmy Carter with his Habitat for Humanity.

Yes, Bush will receive high speaking fees like any other ex-President but I dont think he will be in as high demand as the others. I see him basically disappearing and sitting on some boards. I dont think he was cut out for modern day politics.

As for his likability factor, I think that it will go up (like Dole's did) after he leaves office because he is a "fun" guy and will be a hit on the late night talk circuit. But no, I do not think he will champion a cause and try to make the world better.