Friday, October 12, 2007

Congratulations Al Gore

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize.

To be fair, they really should have a Nobel War Prize to honor the work of people like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

Well, this will give all of wingnuttia another occasion to get apoplectic (like they need another reason beyond what they conjure up for their daily dose of rage). And that’s OK, because I love the very, very funny, not at all childish, “Algore” references. Ha, ha, ha….comedy gold! So creative! And, oh yeah, he “invented the internet”! From small minds…


RickMonday said...

Sorry guys, I could not resist:

Congratulations to Mr. Al (I invented the internet and was the basis for Love Story) Gore on the Nobel Peace Prize Award. Although I am not sure how your false alarmist claims about how man is responsible for the impending world doom contribute to world peace, great job anyway.

I am also pleased that you will be donating 1/2 of your $1.5 million to charity. I am curious about what you will be doing with the other $750,000. Will it go to pay your luxury jet fuel charges or for the monthly heating bills of your mansion?

JeromeProphet said...

Yes, congrats to Mr. Gore.


JeromeProphet said...


I believe your comment will possibly be deleted, didn't you read Dave's comment, or bother to go to the link which I provided?

I guess reading, and learning, and doing the honorable thing is beyond you?

Mr. Gore doesn't fly around in a luxury jet. You haven't seen his documentary have you?


You pretend that you even know what he's talking about, and you have no clue at all. But that's o.k., you're a conservative - just like your clueless hero - "W".


Dave said...

JP is referring to the comments in my Wednesday Penguin Blogging post below.

Love Story! I "invented" the internet! All bullshit Republican fabrications that have been exhaustivly debunked many times over. Amazing you still cling to them.

rickmonday said...

JP you are right. You nailed me.

Here's what happened. In 1999, candidate Gore was taping an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer in which he said, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

So, I guess it depends of what your definition of "create" is "is". (pun intended).

Of course only Republicans would go so far as to associate the word "create" with "invent".

And of course Al Gore would never cut down trees and have 500 million gallons of water released for a photo op. That would go against all he stands for.

Algore is not a hypocrite!

Dave said...

Gore sponsored the legislation that created the internet. That ‘s a fact. Republicans changed the story to use the term “invented” to smear him with a dumb sounding mad up quote. So no, Rick, it is not the same thing. Not at all. Hell, even Bill Gates has credited Gore with making the internet possible with that legislation. That’s all Gore was talking about in that (one)interview. He wasn’t saying he single-handedly came up with the technical design for the internet –which is what “invented” implies. Why do you have such a problem with that? Take your bullshit elsewhere please.

rickmonday said...


Like I said, I stand corrected. Al Gore did not "invent" the internet, he only helped to "create" it.

Will said...

"Gore is the person who, in the Congress, most systematically worked to make sure that we got to an Internet." - Newt Gingrich

JeromeProphet said...

Al Gore isn't perfect. You do know the story of the Nobel Prize right? Where the fortune came from in the first place?

What Gore has done is become an international spokesman on behalf of climate. There are climatologist out there that are better qualified to discuss the scientific merits of global warming, but who else could have done a better job as lobbyist for the planet Earth?

I have utmost respect for Mr. Gore. He's not doing this for political reasons, he's yoked himself to a great moral cause, bigger than himself as a means of bettering himself, and in the process helping humanity.

Even the Bush Administration no longer denies climate change due to global warming. They've officially stopped. It did so after it had stalled any real action - due to its connection to the oil and coal lobby. But they've given up denying it.

You can't have the north poles melting away and continue to deny global warming.

Plus there's an incredibly important issue, we're rapidly running out of oil. With China, and India set to eclipse the United States in consumption of oil we really need to be shifting away from dependence upon fossil fuel.

There's also the geopolitics of oil as well.

One of the most patriotic conservative feelings I have is my utter revulsion that a portion of my gasoline purchase goes to fund Islamic fundamentalist schools which preach hatred, and intolerance of Jews, and Christians. These schools are the breeding grounds of terrorist.

If Bush hadn't been in the pocket of the oil industry instead of cooking up a war in Iraq he should have stood at ground zero and declared that within ten years of that horrible event that we would have totally weened ourselves off of Middle Eastern oil.

Instead of spending half a trillion dollars and four thousand U.S. soldier's lives on destabilizing the Middle East he could have said, I am going to work with Congress to pass tax breaks for everyone buying a flex fuel car, or a plug in hybrid, or solar cells for their homes, or wind mills for their school districts, etc.

Half a trillion would have gone a long way to helping the companies which sell windmills and solar cells to bring their prices down through mass production.

He could have done that.

And today we'd be at peace, respected around the world, and we'd have a much more robust economy.

And we wouldn't be dependent upon a resource which is rapidly running out.

No, if I were a nationalist conservative I'd have thought about what is best for the average American, what is best of our nation, and not what is best of oil company executives.

So much of the conservative agenda has nothing to do with what is practical, what is in the best interest of the nation - but instead is based upon greed and short sightedness.

If you want to conserve the nation, you must think beyond the next quarterly statements of your favorite stock, and do what's best for the future.

Al Gore won't run for President because he's too busy doing good.

He has adopted a carbon neutral lifestyle - which means he's invested in carbon reducing companies.

Anyone can go and purchase such credits.

Now he has the o.k. to install solar cells to his home, as it wasn't legal for him to do so until very recently - local ordinances prohibited it.

If we look at Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton we see how these former presidents, and former vice president have each chosen to dedicate their lives to helping others since they've left office.

That's something to be proud of, and I'm proud to say I'm a fan of Al Gore.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore wont run for President because he will LOSE. Again!

ThirtyWhat said...

Personally, I don't think Al Gore should run for president ... but only because he doesn't need to.

He's done more for the planet than our current president ever will ... while presumably making more money at the same time.

Why endure the headache of a champaign ... when he can get just as much, if not more, accomplished from the outside.

I really admire him ... and, although we'll never be able to afford solar panels on our home, we have swapped out all our lightbulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs and traded in our SUV for a more gas-efficent car. It won't change the world ... but I'd like to think every little bit helps.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the liberal Goreaholics on this blog. Makes me sick to think he came that close to being president. Maybe Sillary will win and get all your hormones into a wet panty. Gotta love the liberals, they are like the Scrubs....all losers!!!!!!!

ThirtyWhat said...

Wow, Ann! How nice of you to join us. I'm surprised you have time to read blogs ... what with all those Jews that need perfecting ...

RickMonday said...

Ok, I will leave my partisanship out of this comment.

Whether I like Al Gore or not, I do think he has become much more popular since leaving office. Why do you guys think he has gained in stature since he left office? His personality to me has seem to have taken a 180 degree turn. Is it because he was hindered by the overwhelming personality of Bill Clinton and for some reason was not able to stand out on his own. Or do you think I am way off base and he has always been the same?

I will give him some credit for taking what he believes in and running with it. Very few people have shown his type of passion for their beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Thirty, sounds like you need an attitude adjustment. Here is something for all you liberal idiots....

Have fun playing with your new toy.


ThirtyWhat said...

Now this is just my opinion ... but in the last campaign, Gore was so determined to distance himself from Bill Clinton that he turned off part of the base who would've supported him otherwise.

I don't know if the overly-serious, stoic personality came from wanting to show how different he was from Bill Clinton ... or whether that's who he genuinely was at the time.

But in either case, I think he comes across as much more laid-back, easy going ... more charismatic these days. I see the same 180 degree change that you see see ... and it's a shame we didn't see THIS Al Gore during the campaign.

ThirtyWhat said...

Anonymous ... what is the point of calling people "liberal idiots?" Does it make you feel better to reduce the debate to name calling?

You don't like Al Gore? Good for you. I do. I also like Bill Clinton. I'm sure those two facts alone would make you and Ann Coulter piss yourselves with disgust and loathing.

If you can't bring something to the discussion other than links to immature, right-wing, made-in-China toys, ... why bother coming at all?

rickmonday said...

In the link is an article from the WSJ that offers a different view on global warming. It basically says that the alarmist warnings that Al Gore and some other scientists are issuing are extreme.