Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Penguin Blogging

I had another incident with my 4 year-old son involving my wall map of the world hanging in my office at home. (This story is still cuter though.) He often comes in and asks what this or that country is and where that country’s flag is in the display of flags at the bottom of the map. The other day he came in, pointed to Antarctica and wanted to know what it was. I told him it was Antarctica, where the penguins live. He then wanted to know which flag was the penguins’ flag.

I thought of that when I saw this cartoon this morning:


JeromeProphet said...


Sadly, by the time your son is your age there won't be any Penguins left on Antarctica.

Penguin populations are rapidly dropping as the poles continue to melt due to global warming.


rickmonday said...

Good stuff on the cartoon.

But on global warming, on the Drudgereport it has just been reported that a judge in a school case says that AlGore's alarmist movie has at least 9 factual errors.

Doesnt surprise me, coming from the guy who claims to have invented the internet

Dave said...


Al Gore (that’s with a space between his names) did not claim to have “invented the internet” That very stupid Republican smear point has been debunked repeatedly. But the thick-headed partisans on the right choose to believe whenever they want to believe (right Rick?). Gore sponsored the legislation that made the internet possible, but he never, ever used the childish word “invented”. That word was a complete fabrication by the rightwing smear machine to make Gore look foolish. Think for yourself, dude.

Wingnut logic: Some judge says, in his opinion, there were nine “factual errors” in a long documentary, therefore global warming does not exist. That’s incredibly stupid.

I often don’t bother refuting idiotic talking points that have no basis in fact. I have better things to do. So from now on I just delete them. Bring something real to the table and not bullshit propaganda and baseless smears and we’re fine.

JeromeProphet said...

Here's an excellent article pertaining to the "invented the Internet" misquote.

It dates back to 2000 and is nicely detailed. WARNING: NOT IN SOUND BITES! THIS WILL TAKE BOTH TIME AND EFFORT TO READ!

To summarize, Al Gore could have chosen his words better, but he never said he invented the Internet.

He did play an important role in promoting the creation (create is the word Al Gore used) of what is now referred to as the Internet.

Mr. Gore was essentially the legislative equivalent of a John the Baptist of the Internet.

He may not have invented TCP/IP but those who did came to his defense.