Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Anyone else watching Journeyman? It's a new NBC series that's about a guy, Dan Vasser, who suddenly starts traveling back in time. His involuntary travels can happen at at any moment (even inconvenient ones). Dan is only gone briefly and then returns to the present time. Each episode has him go back several times to facilitate some ongoing situation that needs attention. These situations are small in scope, usually only affecting a few people, so he's not routinely "saving the world" or anything. He also seems to be limited to the recent past (he's gone no farther back then 1975 so far) and seems to be limited to the San Francisco area where he lives in present times.

While time travel is one of my favorite themes in fiction, I've had a hard time getting into this series. The first few episodes were kind of lame, but this week's had the show finding it's groove a bit. Had it not, I think I would have finally called it quits.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is watching this.


Anonymous said...

You're pitching outside the strike zone dude.


Anonymous said...

That was my comment before. I wanted to add that I saw the show, and it's boring. Prediction: It will get cancelled soon.

Anonymous said...

There really aren't enough good sci-fi shows on television. This show sounds interesting.