Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nanosecond of Silence

The SJ-R and I were working on the same thing yesterday. We were both asking real students about the new Moment of Silence™ that is now required each day in Illinois classrooms. Neither survey was scientific but theirs was broader than mine. I simply asked my two high schools students about it. Apparently, and this is mentioned in the SJ-R article, Pleasant Plains High School includes the MoS in its morning announcements given over the school PA system. One daughter said the MoS lasts about four seconds; the other indicated it was about two seconds. Both said that students are indeed quieter during those seconds than they are while the rest of the announcements are read. So score one for the MoS! However, they also both said everyone (other students) thinks the MoS is stupid and pointless, yada, yada. I got the impression that the administration and faculty aren’t real interested either. But hey, it’s the law, baby.

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