Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Booting Up

I have no problem with the city of Springfield using boots to enforce parking laws. Well, as long as they aren’t booting the wrong cars. But I’m getting the impression the Davlin administration is more concerned with collecting fines than enforcing the parking laws that were violated. Nowhere have I seen or heard anyone from the city says they hope the boots deter illegal parking. No, all I hear is how this is going to force people to pay their fines. I think everyone has lost sight of why these fines were levied in the first place. Law enforcement is the goal isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Aside from that, how weird is it that a local radio show raised money for boots? Odd fundraising priorities.


JeromeProphet said...

Considering that radio talk show host Pam Furr owes thousands of dollars in unpaid parking tickets it is ironic, and somewhat amusing.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jerome about Furr. She could park underground but she doesn't want to walk the extra steps. Not like she doesn't need the exercise. I really hope her car gets the boot. Might teach her that you have to pay for services and not expect a freebie just because she is chummy with Davlin.

rickmonday said...

Pamela got on a payment program which others who have large outstanding fines can also do. If they do this they will be immune from the boot.

The thing that I find funny is that I work in Chicago during the week and they are boot crazy up here. They even allow private parking lots to boot (or they did as of last year). I understand Spfld only has 5 boots. So if you see them all in use you are safe for a while!