Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Sluts Eve

OK, I'm not being prudish but I've noticed this same thing. Girls, mid-teens and older, seem to think dressing down, if you will, is a prerequisite for any Halloween costume.

The sight of so many young girls looking like sex toys disturbed me. There were gaggles of slutty pirates, slutty nurses, slutty milkmaids, slutty Snow Whites, slutty schoolgirls, slutty referees. A few girls skipped costumes altogether and went straight to lacy lingerie and sheer teddies. Some shorts rose so high that fleshy rear-ends peaked out below. Some skirts fell so low on the hips that they had stopped serving their purpose as clothing.

Weren't they aware that they were standing around cold and naked just for the sake of appealing to some particularly dull looking men? After all, these are ostensibly smart co-eds. Too smart, I thought, to trick-or-treat for compliments and catcalls.

I'm not sure when this trend started (after I was that age, for sure) but it seems nearly inescapable now.

Update: Just to be clear, I don’t think the girls and young women wearing these costumes are really sluts. I just think it’s an odd trend that kind of gets away from the idea behind Halloween costumes. There’s nothing wrong with dressing “sexy” or whatever, but when that becomes the point of all Halloween costumes I thinks it starts becoming a lingerie contest rather than just a fun dress-up event. The boys and men are still free to be whatever they want. The ladies are now pressured to show some skin for reasons that have nothing to do with Halloween.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this one 100%. Down here in Chatham it looked more like hookers on parade at the Vegas strip. Saw several that wore so few clothes that you could actually see breasts and hair on their..well you know what. There were 5 in one group that as I walked by while the kids were at a house, they said hey babe do we look good tonight?? I was so shocked that my jaw must have been dragging on the sidewalk. One lady said most were in middle school and some were just freshmen in high school.

3 of the girls were wearing what you said...lingerie that would make Victoria Secrets proud. The other 2 had a mini short and mesh top while the other had what appeared to be shorty shorts. The other thing was they were all wearing high heels with one wearing knee high boots.

What ever happened to cinderella, old maids and bum outfits?? Guess all girls now will be wearing..Hookers on Parade outfits.

Anonymous said...

Oh and my wife reminded me that 3 boys who were from high school were wearing girl outfits. From the mini skirts to high heals and stockings. I was told by a good source that 2 of the boys are actually cd's (crossdressers) on their free time and 1 even wants to have a sex change when he is old enough. Well I guess this old fuddy duddy will sit back with a cold beer watching reruns of my three sons and remember the good ol days.

JeromeProphet said...

The Whores, the Whores.

John said...


It's crazy. When Aubrey and I were shopping for outfits (yes, too lazy to develop an idea of our own), we were amazed at how many slutty costumes there are for women. In fact, it's almost like women can't buy a costume that doesn't cram their cleavage up and out and that comes with a skirt short enough that their ass cheeks hang out the bottom of it. As we were leaving one of the Halloween shops, I noticed that many of the younger girl costumes looked similar, only smaller.

We eventually decided on Ketchup and Mustard. They were big, boxy, and not slutty at all. No cleavage to be seen anywhere.

No one goes dressed as a nurse. They go as a porno nurse. No one goes dressed as Helen of Troy. They go dressed as slutty Helen of Troy.

Do men control the Halloween costume industry? I can't imagine that if women were calling the shots they'd be selling costumes that looked like wardrobe for a freaky pornographic film.

Anonymous said...

To John

Well the Party Tree has many women who work there and from what I have seen they were not pulling anything slutty from the shelves.

Anonymous said...

To Jerome:

Well you might as well say that because that is what they looked like. I thought I made a turn and ended up on the Vegas strip!!!!!!

JeromeProphet said...

I was only joking. Using a play on words based upon the final words of Marlon Brando's character in Apocalypse Now (i.e., Heart of Darkness).

I have a teen daughter, and many years ago I began to freak out at the general level of sexuality (I guess that's the word) of her little girl friends.

I found myself fighting a losing battle advocating good old fashioned values from the age of the 60s?

Girls ten years old sitting around talking about the size of their little boyfriends penises.

All of then on the pill by thirteen.

I don't know what to tell you. I guess it's part of living in a secular, and less Christian, nation.

We used to say, boys will be boys, and suppress the heck out of girl's sexuality through shame - just to keep them from getting knocked up prior to marrying them off.

Now it seems we get them on the pill, and hope they don't have abortions they might regret prior to finishing college, and entering the workforce as managers over men.

I'm as confused on the role of old fashioned morality as the rest of you. Am I just getting old, or am I just some over conservative father? I don't think so, so maybe it's the damned media?

Then again, my parents generation were brainwashed into instilling sexual guilt into me, and my sibs using the Roman Catholic Church.

Maybe sexual liberation is better - if the alternative is fundamentalism?

What we need is some middle ground based upon rationality, and not superstition.

I must admit dressing up as a girl one year - I got quite a few compliments!

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