Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep Your Eyes on the Balls

Hey, my eyee are up here!

Ha, ha. Science can't be wrong; men have only one thing on their minds and that plays out in some strange ways.
Technology that tracks eye movements across Web pages offers useful design insights for news sites — and sometimes uncomfortable truths. At the Online News Association conference in Toronto, two U.S. university researchers presented “heat maps” showing which parts of a Web page readers focus on, based on experiments that use an eye-tracking camera in the base of a computer monitor. But the information that the top-right corner of a page is a dead-zone for eye traffic was less interesting than the heat map for a picture of baseball player George Brett . While both men and women focused primarily on Brett’s face when asked to find a picture of him on a baseball site, one of the sexes also fixated on what the researchers coyly termed his “private anatomy.”
Read the rest to see what else the cruder sex is looking at.

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blevins said...

judging by this, most guys must be closet homos; especially if they are focusing on Brett's playland in the picture.