Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Beer Blogging: Halloween Costume Edition

Halloween is almost here which means you need to start thinking about what beer you're going to be. Gone are the days when you could get away with punching two eye holes in a 12-pack box and putting it over your head. Beer costumes today are more sophisticated.

Your best bet is to make your own fashioned after you favorite brew. But if you're low on design ideas but still have room on your credit card, you can order in.

Here's a basic model from

If you have that beer can body type, here's an idea from

Superheros like Beerman are always an option. Get this one from

Go bottle! This from

There's the Tin Man looking keg costume from

And finally, the beer costume that expresses how you feel. This from

Have a great weekend! And don't drink until you're scary.


Rob said...

You're supposed to punch eye holes in the 12-pack box???

Why do all the guys in those costumes always look so schlitzed already?


Anna Martin said...

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