Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Beer Blogging: Beer Holster Edition

I must admit, I have not seen these things out anywhere, but then I don't get out all that much anymore. Anyway, I was somewhat surprised to find out that there is something called a 'beer holster'. Thank goodness for the internet or I'd really be out of it when it comes to beer fashion.

The beer holster's function seems to be an obvious means to hands-free beer toting. No more setting your drink down and forgetting where it is. See a beer holster review here for more on their functionality.

Some of the holsters mimic their wild west six-shooter brethren.

Others are more urban designer in nature.

Some are rural designer. Note that beer holsters can hold bottles or cans.

The ultimate has to be the six pack holder. However, I recommend not walking into an airport with one of these on. Just sayin'.

And apparently you can wear a beer holster and (almost) nothing else.

Have a great weekend! Be good and keep it in its holster.

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Anonymous said...

Huge props to Sunny above from !!! She makes them a must have item :P