Friday, October 19, 2007

Linkin’ Along

So Pam Furr is blogging again (but for how long, most bloggers who take long breaks don’t ever get back to it regularly). I went to her site and noticed she still has a link to Jim Leach’s defunct blog. Clicking the link, I actually found a blog at the other end. Someone is now using Not sure what it’s all about since it’s written in another language that I can’t immediately identify.

Blog rot is usually just a matter of links going dead over time. But left to rot long enough, links can apparently take on new life.

By the way, I’m not criticizing Furr for not maintaining her blog roll. Just try clicking through to some the blogs I’ve linked to and you’ll find nothing at the other end. Maintenance is needed.


JeromeProphet said...

I was doing the same thing last night. I snipped a few links from my blogroll.

I need to add some too.

Blogging takes time, and effort.

It also takes discipline, and it takes having something to say, and the skill to say it.

We live in a complex world in which people have many choices they can possibly make about what to do with their recreation time.

For some it is video games. For others it's watching television. There's always bowling, going out to eat, drinking, going to the gym, and even reading books.

Somehow given the limited about of time, and energy even busy people can make time to make entries into their online journals - so I suspect it's more a matter of priorities than anything else.


ThirtyWhat said...

Talk about odd ... whoever is writing in the space previously occupied by Jim Leach ... is writing in Polish.

Sing a chorus with me ... it's a small small world ...