Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not a Post

I’m still on blogging break and am enjoying being merely a consumer for now. However, I thought I’d throw out a list of some of things I haven’t blogged about but would have. You know, for future reference. Maybe I’ll get to them later if I’m still interested. Again, this is not a post, so stop saying that!

- My son engaged in an important male rite of passage last night when he climbed over his first chain link fence by himself.

- Frontline’s Bush’s War is the best documentary on the Iraq war and it’s run-up I’ve seen.

- Hillary Clinton is really starting to piss me off (too many reasons to link to).

- I’m not the only one who recently downloaded Lust, Lust, Lust by the Raveonettes and was glad I did.

- A Taco Bell on the west side again?

- Someone please sponsor Dan. I’ll throw in another $20 if your message includes a swear word.

- Given the millions we see flying overhead, why aren’t there more dead birds on the ground? Do other birds bury their dead at night?

- Jericho is done (and cancelled) and I’m satisfied enough with the ending. I say Hawkins lives.

- 4000. For what? And now this.

- There are inflatable spacecraft orbiting the earth right now that are prototypes for a possible future space hotel.

Note that none of the above should be construed as actual blogging.


BlogFreeSpringfield said...

I'll wait and let the Worldwide Bloggers Consortium make their ruling, but this looks suspiciously close to being a post. Thanks for the plug, though.

nancy said...

Thanks for the fix!

allie said...

my mom and i watched Frontline; Bush's War while I was home over spring break. We liked it so much we stayed up till the odd hours of the morning to finish it. for part one any way. we made sure to check the tv guide for the conclusion. but some of the people they interviewed shared some really interesting info that we never get to hear on the news.